MPC Winter of Code is Mozilla Phoenix Club's initiative to bring more students in GSoC from JUET.

Winter of Code is a platform where technology enthusiasts come together and contribute to tools that solve real-life problems. With the efforts of the whole Mozilla Phoenix Club team, we are proud to announce MPC WoC, the first Winter Open Source Hackathon of JUET.

We are all set to make MPC Winter of Code a great success.



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Everyone is Welcome!

Talent is universal, but opportunities are not. So, we here at Mozilla Phoenix Club give you a golden opportunity to look into the infinite sky of technology and add to the stars.

No Pre-requisites
No Pre-requisites
Students do not need any pre-requisite knowledge or experience of any field they're interested in, to participate. It's the best opportunity to start from scratch and build your skills under the guidance of experienced individuals.
No Fees
No Fees
The best things in life are free. This fascinating learning experience costs you nothing more than some hours of your hard work and dedication.
To build
Kick off to Open-Source
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Make your first move with Winter of Code and kick-start your journey in the world of open source software development.

Projects offered by Mozilla Phoenix Club

Choose your field of choice. You can contribute to the any of the projects under Woc in our organization or work on one of the projects suggested by Mozilla Phoenix Club. Click on the fields to see available projects:


Here's a rough breakdown of the days you will spend during the Winter of Code.

15th DecemberCommencement of WoC and Mentor/Project Applications start
25th DecemberStudent Applications Start
5th JanuaryStudents Announced and Projects Matched
6th JanuaryCommunity Bonding Period
11th JanuaryCoding Phase 1
21st JanuaryFirst Evaluation by Mentors
23rd JanuaryCoding Phase 2
1st FebruaryFinal Evaluation
4th FebruaryResults Announced, Swags and Certificates sent to Mentors and Participants




Exciting goodies await the winners!



At Winter of Code, we strive to bring together developers to participate in the hackathon irrespective of their gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic background or sexual orientation. We usually try to keep things simple. Read FAQs to phase out any ambiguity.

No. The competition will be online, so you can participate from anywhere.
No. The competition is open to all the students of JUET, guna.
Sure. You can join our slack and contact mentors and moderators to get resources in particular field.
Winter of Code is an individual event.
Of course! Open source software (OSS) is all about learning and developing. Everyone starts from the basics and eventually gets better at contributing quality code day by day. No matter whether you are a newbie or an experienced programmer/developer. Winter of Code has something for you, too.
No. All you have to do is register and get coding.
First-year and second-year students have the liberty to either work on the suggested projects by Mozilla Phoenix Club (after submitting a project proposal detailing what they plan to do) or contribute to the existing Projects in Woc repo.
Knowledge and invaluable Experience. OSS is a vast field and with this contest, we hope to give you a taste of the GSoC (Google Summer of Code) and many other reputed competitions by giving you a glimpse of the environment. You will get to work on real-world problems in the competition, helping you learn new things and test your programming skills. Not to mention, exciting goodies await you.
Unfortunately, only the students of JUET Guna are eligible to participate in the MPC Winter of Code.

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